About us

CrowdProfessionals offers help with temporary events or activities, but we also provide support on a more structured basis to governments, organizations and activities, both in the public and private sector. We provide services for; football stadiums and clubs, as well as event organizers, local authorities and businesses. On this basis, we focus particularly on the organizational aspects of public order and security, crowd management and sport & events.

Our backgrounds provide us with a wide network in the world of events, sports, government and police.

Sports (Locations) and Events

CrowdProfessionals is your partner for total project management for all operational processes in areas such as; security and crowd management, catering, facility care, transportation and logistics. We can also provide support and advice in any of these areas; E.g., for a capacity analysis, evacuation and safety plan. With our knowledge, partners, networks and backgrounds, we can assist you in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of your event (sports) activity. We can also take care of any financial matters, E.g., permit procedures and contact with local authorities and / or emergency services. We also offer innovative solutions which can support you at your location or event.

Local Authorities

CrowdProfessionals also has a wide range of services available for local authorities. We advise and support communities in the field of public order and security, crowd management and events (policy). Almost all of our CrowdProfessionals services offered can be hired by local authorities. We can assist you in multidisciplinary table-top exercises on e.g., city events. We can guide you through this with highly experienced professionals. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

Large Locations / Buildings

We can advise and assist using our simulation tool/model with locations where many people gather and / or where the infrastructure or risk profile of the location causes an increased risk of accidents or casualties. The effects of decisions and changes can be pre-staged in order to establish the location or situation of an adequate evacuation and safety plan. We also conduct safety audits regarding existing security policy. We are increasingly investigating within our field of expertise to find the latest innovations in the field of public order and security and crowd management which can be of use to our customers, for example, urban hospitality areas.

Therefore CrowdProfessionals is the unique specialist for your organization!

Event Safety Association (ESA)

Crowdprofessionals is member of Event Safety Association (ESA). You can find a copy of our certficate here.


Want to know how we can work for your event, business location or sports event? Please contact our expert Frank Wijnveld via +31 6-5118 6065.

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