CrowdProfessionals is working with a variety of experienced consultants. We are the only organization in the Netherlands working with advisors who have a multidisciplinary background and experience within the government, (sports) events organizations and large venues. Read about a minor selection of our consultants.

Paul van der Aa is such a consultant.

Paul has for years been responsible within the former police Brabant Zuid-Oost in the fields of football and large-scale events. As police chief he has extensive  (international) experience in multidisciplinary action from the police in the area of ​​football and events. He is also, expert in the field of administrative responsibilities and policy processes within municipal governments related to these themes,

Paul has long been a member of:

  • The (international) peer review group of the Research Group Public Order & Hazard Control of the Police Academy. This group made both at home and abroad, reviews about the deployment of police at football events. This on behalf of both the EU Police Cooperation Working Group (PCWP: Police Cooperation Working Party) and the Ministry of BiZa;
  • Consultative groups and advisory committees within the Dutch government in the field of football and events.


Marcel Mars is such a consultant.

Marcel has worked in recent years in a number of positions in the security & safety area. Mainly as a project manager / consultant in the field of security of major events and  in the regular security field. Marcel has been involved in many events and is very experienced with multidisciplinary consultation of authorities, the police and other emergency services.

As an integral safety expert, he is also specialized in, among other things, the influence of extreme weather conditions on outdoor events and precautions to be taken for this purpose. His specialization is reflected in his thesis “Rain or shine”. This aims to come up with recommendations to optimize preparations for possible changes in extreme weather conditions during an outdoor event in relation to improved safety.

Marcel is experienced:

  • In project safety and events;
  • As head of security World Convention Center (WFCC);
  • By events like Havendagen and Summer Festival Rotterdam, Koninginnenach The Hague and many other events.


Toine Gijsbers is such a consultant

Because of his long career in the police force Toine has a lot of experience with various safety issues. From 1995, he started working in the private market with safety and security isuues in the broadest sense. This he has done as a safety coordinator / manager at a Dutch premier league football club. Toine has long been associated with one of the standing committees of the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association). In addition, he has been responsible for organizing and coordinating safety during concerts and events at the Gelredome (multifunctional Stadium) in Arnhem.

Owning a private consulting firm he subsequently gained experience in protecting people, goods, objects and events. As a consultant / producer he was involved in a large number of public events, small and very big.

Because of his experience he is asked to advice public parties and organizers regarding Public Order and Security, Crowd Management and Crowd Control.

Toine has gained experience as:

  • Safety coordinator / manager Premiership football club;
  • Safety Manager Gelredome;
  • Owner consultancy;
  • Safety manager at large events such as Red Bull Air Race but also for protection of the Royal Family when attending large events;
  • Member of KNVB committee.


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