Mission & Vision


Optimization of the safety of places where large groups of people congregate.

Goals are minimization of risks, maximize hospitality and parallel to this optimization of returns.

From this generic objective in the field of security, hospitality and profit optimization, CrowdProfessionals offers advice, coaching and mentoring. We have a lot of experience and understanding in the area of ​​managing and setting up security and crowd management and combine this with innovative techniques and applications that provide better insight to managers and supply chain partners in the security chain. By better understanding, targeted policies can be formulated and responsibility taken. A secondary operational policy will immediately increase the safety and better improve experiences with hospitality, atmosphere perception and operational processes  in a more efficient and effective manner. The efficiency of the location and / or organization is increased and (financial) risks decrease.

CrowdProfessionals is part of an international network and has a number of strategic partnerships with innovative partners that we can employ while serving you as a client.


  • Locations and events are becoming larger, more complex and potentially more confusing. Safety and organization are becoming increasingly important;
  • The number of people in a small space is increasing;
  • Risks are thus strengthened; also financial risks and liabilities
  • Growth of social media to affect / growing reputation risk for decision makers;
  • Decision makers experience  increasing social pressure and are held increasingly responsible for security.

Crowd Management is indispensable where large groups of people congregate. CrowdProfessionals is the service company for support, advice, coaching and project management. Our clients are companies in the events and sports sector, local governments, developers and companies / organizations with high-risk or high risk locations (schools, hospitals, theaters, exhibition halls, etc.).


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