CrowdProfessionals helps it’s clients to prevent that calamities occur during (sudden) extreme weather conditions. A range of recent extreme situations proves that these measures are a necessity. It seems that it happens more often than in the past is a common remark. Unfortunately, that is not a just a guess but it’s proven to be correct. Because CrowdProfessionals is also operating in this area and understands the importance of proper counselling, we find it imperative to have a specialist in our midst.

“In order to respond well to extreme situations professionalism is a must,” says integral safety expert Marcel Mars BPM Msec. Out of his concern he developed this specialism. In his long experience as a safety professional, he has been in contact with incidents several times and was then faced with policies that, to put it mildly, weren’t too clear.

Therefore for his promotion paper Marcel has done research on extreme weather conditions, specifically looking at what pro-action, prevention and preparation measures should be taken and how one should act at various levels when these conditions occur. In his promotion paper “Rain or shine” we can read about the theory but what’s more important the translation into practice. Marcel is send in by CrowdProfessionals to assist public and private organizations in defining their policy or to help them implement their policy if necessary.  As Marcel says “the weather is unpredictable but we at CrowdProfessionals are anything but that.”