Together with CrowdProfessionals working on a safe school . The TRIAS High School  is a in Krommenie school with over 1,800 students where the welfare of students and staff is of paramount importance . The management is committed to safety at school .

At some times of the day within specific transit areas unsafe situations arose by large crowds along with many cross currents , so CrowdProfessionals was asked to make a flow study. The objective was to create a secure and manageable situation.

In this study we involved management, staff and students . We did this by using a model developed by CrowdProfessionals based on large buildings with high visitor density . With the efforts of our specialists in this field we produced a report with the necessary recommendations . These recommendations are immediately picked up by the management. A number of improvements was adapted quickly and some of them have already been implemented . In addition, in the coming period, a number of other changes will be made so that the problems identified will be resolved in the short-term.