Crowd Professionals also helps musea to enhance the optimal experience and hospitality experience of the visitor. We do this by designing beforehand the best audience flows and the use of crowd management resources during special events. For museum visitors is has always been important to the flow in a museum is okay, but it becomes even more important when there are special exhibitions or events held and crowds increase sharply. At that time, a lot more visitors than usual simultaneously find their way through the museum and the visitors still want to have the same freedom of movement and perception of the artwork and the environment as in a normal situation.

Designing public flows for the hospitality and experience is often a very complex area which, for example temporary adjustments may be needed to the infrastructure. We have been able to work with a number of musea. Together, we make sure that the throughput rises without compromising the expectations and hospitality. Naturally also ┬áthe “hard security situation” runs like a red thread through our plans; because a lot of visitors is good, but the museum and the Art must like the visitors at all times be safe.