platformIn recent months, CrowdProfessionals and Event Safety Institute worked together hard on the Health, Safety & Emergency plans for the inauguration of the Pioneering Spirit for client Allseas under supervision of Production World

Not only did we manufacture the past few months, the HSE plan, but we also took care of safety inductions for employees of many vendors, presentations on and contacts with all the (public) services such as the Port Authority, the Port Police, the Safety, City of Rotterdam, GGD and many others, and we dis a lot of risk assessments during the entire process to be sure to finish on time with the necessary measures and have people ready on time. Additionally we briefed and connected the captains of all the (shuttle) ship captains during several meetings.

With a whole team of Safety Officers we coordinated three days of festivities, many guests came by ship towards the Pioneering Spirit and the hospitallity pontoons. After the festivities we coordinated with everyone involved the safe return by ship for thousands of guests. In the meantime, we always ensured a sufficient (ship) capacity for evacuation.

The event was very special, the location, structure and delivery levels and unique and exceptional performance of the whole production team was more than special. Fortunately, the event had a successful course without any significant incidents.

Crowd Professionals is proud to have participated in this grand production at this unique location. We are glad that we were able that our team of safety specialists could demonstrate that we can provide from start to finish for a successful and safe event at any location imaginable.