The festival season is completely erupted, “but unfortunately this also applies to many thunderstorms” says Frank Wijnveld, CEO of CrowdProfessionals.

Outdoor events always run a certain risk but this year the risk seem to be higher in the Netherlands and abroad. Preventing bad weather is impossible, but well prepared and in a joint effort is possible. The public should be informed in advance what is happening and what is expected of them and what they can expect from the organization as a thunderstorm erupts. This means that there must be scripts, customized communication, scenarios and above all, a good integrated organization.

Both organizers and municipalities have a responsibility in relation to the welfare of visitors and that means quite a bit. CrowdProfessionals has specialists; professionals who have often assisted in making plans, auditing plans and were responsible for (major) operations; even during severe weather conditions.

There are many events where plans are in order¬†and where these issues have already been settled, but not everywhere it’s all “storm-proof”. CrowdProfessionals provides organizers and / or municipalities to cooperate with those responsible to look at the security plans, agreements, measures, communications planning and deployment schedules by a short audit. This does not take much time says Frank Wijnveld, “but it does ensure that the organizer, municipal and emergency services are well and harmoniously prepared to share responsibility for the safety and welfare of visitors.”