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Crowdmanagement based on the FANcycle

In our policy the visitor is key

and not the risks

Crowd management is a systematic analysis and adapts targeted measures to reduce the risks that arise when (large) groups of people gather together. Reducing risks is preferably applied as early as possible and deployed as widely as possible. CrowdProfessionals is an expert in this field, but we do look very different to these processes. With us, your visitor is key and not the risks! Let us explain:

We have many years of international experience in the creation of this concept and we have seen time and again that it works. Hence CrowdProfessionals sees “crowd management” primarily as optimizing guest-oriented services. It goes without saying that all kinds of activities are necessary to get a clear sight on risks and in creating a safe and secure environment, but our focus is directly on the visitor; the visitor is key!

In addition, you as organizer will have a good appearance and PR by delivering this excellent “experience”. Satisfied visitors are your ambassadors and recruit new “FAN’s”. People are more willing to return for a repeat of the positive experience and will stay longer in the best pleasant and challenging environment. The result in revenues is immediately visible in an increase which is due to a longer and repeated stay. Thus, the investment in the organization and facilities directly increases sales.

Optimizing service and hospitality for visitors of (sports) events and event locations leads to a sense of comfort and “being welcome.” The visitor feels as if he is a part of his surroundings, he enjoys, feels safe and welcome and gets the best available experience. That makes your location, region or event unique which also increases business opportunities! Thus helps us the creation of security, certainty and hospitality, in earlier days seen as a cost factor, now as a unique selling point and distinctive to the experience.

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