CrowdProfessionals in September became the exclusive distributor of the social media monitor with regard to the Dutch and Belgian football market. Within the monitor, whitch is already somewhat longer used by governments, large companies and institutions, is now also an application designed specifically for football and -stadions. In September, a successful pilot at a big Dutch Premier League was .

Previously, we already wrote what we see as the benefits of social media monitoring:

1) Getting a proactive insight into potential incidents and major events;

2) Increasing the visitor experience or the “Fan-engagement” &

3) Improve service and information towards supporters and relationships.


All parties involved stated that the pilot has shown that the system, despite the large amount of social media messages during the match day, is robust and effectively contributes to the aforementioned benefits. Some results after the first pilot:

– Understanding, preparation and decision making are greatly improved because potential incidents and events are detected much earlier than usual. In some cases, therefore escalation can be prevented.

– The live monitoring of messages (for instance around mobility) makes it possible to take action, take measures and communicate positive steering adjustments in the context of service to fans and corporate guests.

– Faster response to the reports of visitors amongst each other makes it possible to proactively manage (or correct) the fan experience by removing possible irritations.

– By communicating about issues actively during the match days via Social Media the club can show that it actively involves its supporters and makes them important. This makes it possible for the club to prove that they really care about   customer satisfaction.


The added value of the Social Media Monitor during large scale, intensive public events is thus demonstrated. Following this successful pilot Crowd Professionals makes the monitor part of the regular crowd management cockpit. Not only in football but also in industry events and festivals.