Our motto

Safety increases the feeling of hospitality and hospitality enhances the feeling of safety. Ultimately it’s important for the visitor to feel comfortable and remain in that atmosphere. Our specialists  always connect safety with hospitality.

Because we combine partnerships with knowledge and experience with facility services we are able to provide you with sound advice about your situation for the most effective and efficient solutions or applications. Our consultants themselves have had overall responsibility for major event organizers or worked in hotels. They know what the hotel and catering trade is about.

How do I get customers consuming in a responsible and friendly manner? Social security is an important aspect. When people feel safe and are warmly welcomed than there buying behavior is influenced. If the catering arrangements are also well organized a good return is within reach.

One of our hotel partners is the driving force behind numerous events and stadiums. We ourselves have over 10 years’ experience in stadium operation, event organization and hotel chains with all facility issues that are involved.

Support, consulting, coaching and training

Our specialists have long-term experience with the combination of hospitality and security. We help organizations implement their concepts and processes. We do this by assessing the current situation and by thinking about other possibilities and at large events we use simulation models for analyses an advice. We put your hospitality elements in the model and see if the setups are able to handle as many visitors as possible. It’s simple but when the bar cannot be reached by the customers large sales will not be possible.

The obvious is not always the best choice and that is why our clients love to spar with us. We coach those who are operational responsible for events, stadiums and security organizations not only regarding safety but always in combination with hospitality.

In our training hospitality is always included because even if the situation must remain safe, your visitors still should be treated as guests.

Financial risk analysis and advice

Analysis and advice

With the experience we have, we can advise you how to lower the costs of your organization or how to enlarge your turnover through improved policy and planning. For us, it is important to permanently keep the connection with hospitality (customer satisfaction).

Based on an analysis of we present improvement possibilities. We than identify the necessary steps and resources. These issues will also have a financial impact. In addition, for example, optimization of crowd flows lead to increased sales, thus improving the efficiency of your event or location.

Existing locations or events

After having involved all stakeholders we will produce a clear report. Then we analyse the appropriate measures and means as well as the height and necessity of costs. We make clear where  we expect savings are possible and advise you regarding revenue opportunities. You can work with this report yourself, or you can give us the order to realize these savings for you.

New locations or events

We will give you a clear view on the expected costs if you already quotations we can advice you about the content. Our goal is the right quality at the lowest cost. If you have any appointment made, we can assist you in applying and evaluating bids or, if you wish, accompany the complete tender for you.

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