Capacity Calculations

Calculating the maximum capacity is important for the safety, evacuation and profitability of your event.

The maximum safe capacity plays a major role along with the provision of  the location and event. This capacity is essential for the viability of an evacuation plan and the positive experience of visitors. In financial terms, it is important to get the most out of the location or event.  3,000 visitors more or less means a lot of revenue opportunities.

Advanced Simulation Software

Risicoanalyse door CrowdProfessionalsCrowd Professionals provides, among other things, an insight into the maximum safe capacity by applying innovative simulation software. Using this simulation software, we illustrate the capabilities and limitations of your venue, event or city event in full view. We also include all event details (catering, stages, box offices, restrooms, etc.) in the simulation so that you can get an idea of the overall picture.

At the same time we provide insight into the net floor space available and the ´Bottlenecks’. We can then simulate various scenarios and analyze (in-and outflow model, evacuation, etc.). Therefore the maximum safe capacity, possible problem areas or areas for improvement can be analyzed. The results are not just in the form of figures, but are also made visible by means of 2D and 3D video output. Time and again we find that this significantly improves insights.

Simulation results offers insight into the possible measures that are needed to help the flow of people,  improve the comfort level and reduce risks. In depth, we advise you about these solutions and the tools needed and desired and we can assist you with the implementation. The capacity calculations can be performed for venues or events, and we can also provide insight into the dynamics of a district; provide examples around Jazz Festivals and parades. The simulation results compliment the risk analyses. They constitute the basis for crowd management, evacuation and integral security. On many occasions we have assisted the combination of organizers, local authorities, police and emergency services.

The best positions for commercial services such as restaurants, shops, etc, can also be determined with the use of Simulation.

  • How many people pass through, at what time and at what point?
  • How quickly can they buy something there without obstruction or blockage occurring?
  • How is the organization capable of adequately servicing many visitors?

Simulation not only improves safety, but also commercial opportunities!


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