Crowd Management Advice

Crowd management is becoming increasingly important in a society that places progressively higher demands on managers, organizers and leaders when it comes to the safety and welfare of people.

From Planning to Implementation

Major Incidents have repeatedly demonstrated the importance of professional crowd management. Especially nowadays when the (social) media can quickly abuse or risks the reputation of decision makers and other managers involved by publishing real-life material. Therefore it is essential to carry out a thorough (integral) preparation and formulate professional and evidence-based policies based with a plan and perform these stringently. Maintain a periodic risk assessment and a constant drive for innovation and learning, making this an essential part of the professional process. Within CrowdProfessionals, knowledge and experience is combined with a network of partners and innovative knowledge specialists.

Crowd management starts with professional preparation. Our Crowd Management Architects think e.g. about public flows in the design phase. If you are responsible for an existing site or a (temporary) event you also want to know the risk, if any, in your establishment, event or area of responsibility. Analysis of these areas will be linked to appropriate solutions to reduce risk. A good crowd management plan and policy based on a thorough risk analysis reduces risks proactively. A requirement to organizing this well is optimal insight.

Coordination & Cooperation

The crowd management plan and the related action plans will include very close coordination and cooperation with:

  • Local government and police
  • Other helpers  such as:  fire fighters and GHOR
  • Commercial and other relevant stakeholders

Ideally, all of these parties take part in the phase in which risks are mapped and analyzed. This ensures that the cooperation and coordination is present from the beginning and insights on topics such as licensing are immediately clear and transparent for all involved. This shortens cycle times and improves mutual understanding. This also secures cooperation in this phase which is a common basis for future implementation and evaluation.

What Can We Do For You?

CrowdProfessionals can provide advice and support in various fields. We pinpoint risks professionally and clearly by charting these out using our risk analysis system and we support you in the preparation of crowd management, security and evacuation plans (or you can allow us to carry out everything for you).

Prior to the risk analysis we can help you with the simulation software and provide optimal insight as a basis for policy and planning. The software simulation tool provides visibility for all stakeholders; For example, licensing authorities and those responsible for safety.

An event is not an incident, all parties have one goal and that is to organize a well thought out activity or location. We are comfortable in discussing risk and plans with local authorities and police. CrowdProfessionals prides itself in aligning these parties for you.


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