Mobility issues

Mobility is an essential part of  Crowd Management planning.

Good planning and traffic flows and measures, combined with effective communication and good performance is essential for excellent quality of mobility. Obstruction of traffic by failure, poor infrastructure or planning and poor communication regarding transport options may potentially result in problems or incidents.

A Good Information Infrastructure is Crucial

Provision of information plays a fundamentally important role in the distribution and control of traffic flows. Communication is an integral part of the hospitality concept. Visitors should be able to find and access travel options, parking information, routes and alternatives. Fast, simple and clear information is essential and where possible, adjustments to the schedule should be communicated to the visitor, even on the day of execution.

The objective is to avoid potential problems servicing the visitor proactively and optimally. The experience of visiting an event or venue starts on departure from home and returns there. Everything in-between must be arranged as well as possible. CrowdProfessionals analyzes what measures are most effective in traffic and transportation and what is best for you We also advise on traffic planning, distribution, communication regarding mobility, taking into account what traffic measures and operational services to deploy. Consider traffic controllers, roadblocks, diversions, signage and public transport.


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