Risk Analysis

By repeatedly analyzing risks that may occur with events or dense public locations, organizers and practitioners are better prepared for incidents.

Risk Analysis as a Basis

Ideally, risks should be avoided before sites are designed and built. In practice, existing sites must often be analyzed or policy made or reassessed for events; often during the authorization process. Risk analysis is the appropriate means to do so. The analysis results are the basis on:

  • Emergency and evacuation plans
  • Security plans and / or event plans
  • The design of the event or the deployment of security plans and other services

On the basis of jointly defined risk profiles each risk is recorded by theme and valued from the perspective of the various stakeholders. The results and the various scenarios lead to insights into necessary changes, actions and resources. We then create a plan of action, and if you wish, we will work on and follow up on any operational security plan. In addition, we also advise on residual risks such as, thunderstorms, human failure and fire. We can represent you with authorities and insurers. If required, we can present the financial possibilities and consequences.

In Relation to Events, we analyze the following risks:

  • Audience Profile: Is it known or anonymous? How long do they stay in a certain place? How many people are involved? What features do they have (age, culture, health, etc.)? Is there any group behavior? History? Etc..
  • Activities Profile: What kind of activities are involved? Can they engage or present risks? When will the activities take place and how long is the activity? Is the audienceparticipant or just a spectator? Etc..
  • Spatial Profile: How is the accessibility of the location? Is it an indoor or outdoor location? Are there several activities simultaneously? Is the site designed for organizing events? What are the facilities like? Is there a mobility plan? What special details appear in the programming? Etc..


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