Safety & Security Advice

In addition to our risk analysis and capacity calculation, we can advise you on the following items which will ensure that your location or event is safe, welcoming and has a friendly ambiance.

Deployment of Security Personnel and First Aid Workers.

We use an efficient method that allows us to determine objectively how many security guards are needed and at what times. We are happy to act on your behalf with the police and the localauthorities; ideally prior to final authorization and planning so that all parties have the same starting point.

An emergency response plan is essential not only for locations but also for events. We discuss all of your needs with respect to the emergency response plan, security and / or the scenario with the competent authorities (e.g the emergency medical services) making sure that an adequate and integral collaboration plan is in place should incidents occur.

Hospitality & Law Enforcement

Adequately maintaining peace and order within your location or event is important for a positive perception among visitors. The manner in which this occurs determines the atmosphere and experience. CrowdProfessionals, has on many occasions, played an important role in the organization for their clients, in making sure that safety results are achieved by hospitality. A requirement for this is a good organization structure and performance of agreements. Affairs such as house rules and communication are essential for visitors.

Should intervention be required in order to maintain peace and order, then this must be done in a professional, filtered and well thought out manner. It is important to have a good plan in place with all stakeholders such as the police, instruct and coach the security managers,  safety managers and mentors. CrowdProfessionals provides and supports not only for the planning, but can also act as a liaison between the parties. In addition, we can prepare and coach officials or if required take care of the entire project.


Evacuation requires optimal flow, good organization and speed is also absolutely essential in decisions and actions to be taken. We consult with all stakeholders about an evacuation plan. It is important for all conceivable scenarios, especially with  large-scale events or locations where many people gather and risks are can be substantially high,’ to think through and draw a clear image of the risks and limitations and how to resolve these.  Also, actions and communications must be in place for those cases in which control is needed for any incidents occurring.

Practice helps to improve skills and insight.  In order to be able educate your organization to carry out an evacuation as adequately as possible, CrowdProfessionals organizes training courses in consultation with you whereby we evaluate one or more scenarios. This can be at management level in the form of a table top exercise and at operational level.

Besides this we also offer you the possibility, by means of a digital simulation model of your event or venue, to investigate and better analyze the various scenarios.  Using this simulation tool it helps stakeholders gain a better understanding and planning can be put in place per scenario. Optimal preparation is not only vital, but also of the utmost importance when it comes to the (authorities) liability and responsibility for all attendees.

Addressing Incidents

Optimal preparation can prevent many incidents happening, however the organization will be faced with cases where incidents may occur. The approach should be based on a plan. We identify measures and actions associated with the various types of risks and possible incidents. CrowdProfessionals helps you define the plan, helps with the organization and with the resources and the people needed for the various risks identified.

Fire Safety

CrowdProfessionals describe what measures should be taken in relation to fire safety requirements for you. We cannot provide building advice but we do have specialists available, withinour network, who are knowledgeable in this field.. We can provide essential advice surrounding events, on fire safety and the precautions to be taken.

Medical Care and Hygiene

We recommend what measures are necessary on site by Risk Assessment & Evaluation for medical care and hygiene. We also think about the design of the emergency response organization, minimum requirements for first aid facilities. In the course of events, we look to the required number of workers, together with the sanitation requirements for running water, refrigeration and recovery areas (PACU), but also the measures required under various weather conditions. CrowdProfessionals provides an operational plan which you can add to your license request and consults, on your behalf, with local authorities and/or the emergency medical services.


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