Security & Safety Plans

All appointments between the parties are noted in the Safety Plan, so that communication and organization is clear and structured.

Safety Plan as part of the License

Visitors intensity

Visitor intensity at Stratumseind and The City Hall of Eindhoven during the scenario analysis of Queen´s Day 2013

When planning an event it is wise to draw up a draft plan and present this to the organizer and stakeholders during the initial license application. As a result this automatically prompts the exchange of insights between authorities and the organizers.

As organizer for a location or (Town) event you are primarily responsible for the safety of visitors and an orderly progress of visitor flows. By establishing a security plan, you can create a clear picture of how to anticipate the risks identified, but also how to organize the approach and control efficiently. The integration of emergency services is included herewith.

CrowdProfessionals advices, implements or directs with the following issues:

  1. Crowd management advice and policy
  2. Capacity Analysis
  3. Risk Analysis
  4. Security plan including deployment plans, incident approach, fire protection, medical facilities, etc.
  5. Evacuation Plan

For specific questions, we have partners available within our network who can help you achieve your goals. In addition, the deployment of innovative solutions is the key to your success. CrowdProfessionals offers many innovative solutions in relation to crowd management, safety and security.


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