We are proud to have worked with our partners to achieve a good result. We consider it a great honor that our client is writing an article in which our efforts are described. A part of the article, is listed below.

Crowdmanagement SAIL Amsterdam 2015 supported by simulation software

Crowdmanagement at Sail Amsterdam is an important topic within the triangle of safety, security and hospitality.
But how to arrange and optimize walking routes, determine emergency routes, improve the event atmosphere and at the same time enhance the visitors safety and security experience? The Sail organization has used specific simulation software for these purposes.

The Sail organization has invited  INCONTROL Simulation Solutions and CrowdProfessionals to execute a simulation analysis of the Sail event. Using the simulation software Pedestrian Dynamics © a specific Sail simulation model has been developed.  The model was based on maps  (CAD, GIS) of the Sail environment and offered the possibility to define and analyze a variety of scenarios.  

Event facility areas like catering, stages, toilet groups, fences, ferry mooring place, emergency  routes etc. have been build in detail within the simulation model. Assumptions like number of visitors, visitor entry- and egress times, visitors routings and ferry movements were also important input for the simulation runs. In several workshops and a final validation meeting the model has been optimized and thus not only the walking routes,  but also the determination of alternative routing use for emergency purposes could be established with the simulation model.

The visualization of the various simulations have been realized by means of top-down (bird eye) view of the Sail walking routes within the event area. The video capture possibilities of Pedestrian Dynamics in 2D and 3D proved to be a very important decision support feature for all members of the Workforce Mobility and Crowd Management.