Sports & Events Care

We are very experienced in the world of sports and events. Not only in stadiums or arena venues, but we also have experience with large-scale (city) events.

VoetbalstadionWe also provide you with hospitality issues such as:

  • Facility services
  • Support and advice
  • Financial risk and advice

With over 10 years of experience in the field of security and stadium operations within international football, we are very familiar with all of the challenges. We know the culture and the regulations. We are able to perform a complete audit of the operational organization. With the help of our 3-phase model, which has been successfully implemented by several clubs, we can provide quick insight into your operational organization, situation, challenges and opportunities.

We can advise you in transforming your organization into an efficient entity.  Hospitality is paramount in our approach. The objective is to increase, with the aid of revenue growth opportunities, hospitality and customer appreciation Servicing and hospitality lead with this approach to enhanced safety and security experience. The sporting event is also more of a total event where guests will stay longer.

StadionconcertThe principles and approach that we have developed in the world of professional football, can also be applied in other environments and for other sporting events; it is no surprise therefore that police units combine the task area of ‘football’ mainly for ‘events’. We know the challenges that play around town events and events on the outskirts or within specific locations. CrowdProfessionals can offer support and advice; not only from our own experience and knowledge, but also through our network and partnerships with innovative companies.

Coordination, Support and Advice

There is often a disparity around (sports) events between the public authorities and the event organizer. It is often difficult for Public Safety officials, event coordinators of local authorities, police, fire and GHOR to obtain good insight into the event; both prior to the permit or preparation phase as well as during and after the event. Many organizers find it complex to coordinate all matters with the various (government) services properly and adequately. They do not always have a good idea of the requirements needed to achieve things such as:

  • Risk analysis and present risk scan on the part of government (leading to the risk classification)
  • A capacity analysis (how many visitors can be safe there?)
  • An analysis and comprehensive set evacuation-/evacuation plans
  • And following through on this an effective security, communications and mobility plan containing a rational deployment of security, medicals and other staff (crowd management staff, etc.)
  • Scenario’s

Furthermore, one is not always familiar or comfortable with the language, and abbreviations used by municipal services, police and other emergency services. They also find it difficult to set up integral organization around the event, activity or location and CrowdProfessionals can relieve you in these areas. We have experience with the interaction between the organizer (or event location) and various governmental departments. In the case of major events, we always go for the model of an integrated organization with preferably a multidisciplinary security as a core document between the parties. For smaller events, we can make arrangements for you and act as back up around the activities.

The capacity and risk assessments are often made using our  innovative simulation software. The results of the analyzes are presented in Excel and form 2D and 3D videos that help paint a good picture and improve insights directly. This enhances all scenario preparations for the stakeholders. We can show you what  the audience moves patterns are expected to be so that the organizers can decide what the best positions are for catering/beverage locations. Elected locations can also be analyzed using simulation to determine emergency routes.

CrowdProfessionals offers a number of partners in the field of sports and events. By utilizing our network we can help you find suitable partners involved in the field of hospitality (public catering and VIP catering), Security, CCTV, medical work and traffic wardens.

Drukverdeling deel binnenstad tijdens Koninginnedag 2013

Pressure points divisions Downtown on Queens Day 2013

CrowdProfessionals can offer you advice or give you guidance on any event for you with local authorities and municipal police. We boast several consultants who have a police background and experience with the structure and approach of scale and special performance. We also support local authorities in the area of policy and operational processes around sports and events.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of security and stadium operations in International Football, we have gained a great deal of know-how.


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